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UPDATED: Android…I love you!

UPDATED:  Android…I love you!

I gotta tell you all – I have loved every minute, from minute 1, with my Sprint EVO4G phone.  After more than 4 months of use – it does everything for me.  I don’t carry 2 phones anymore, love the apps, love the ‘brain break’ games – especially the shared ones with my family and friends.

After 10+ years using Blackberry, it was a big step…and I’m glad I took it.

Tell me why you love yours…and if you don’t, lets hear that too.

UPDATE – 12/22/2010
So I have to tell you that I appreciate HTC and Sprint even more now than ever before. I had the unfortunate problem of my screen breaking on my EVO a few weeks ago. Sprint could not get me a replacement for about 10 days, so they sent me a NEW Samsung Epic 4G to use in the meantime. I’m glad, because I finally got to check the Galaxy S phone out, as well as a Droid with a keyboard.

First, I appreciate Sprint for going above and beyond to keep me operational and happy with the Epic. Second, I more appreciate the ability to check out what’s being seen as the 2nd best Android in the market first hand for a week.

Setup was just as easy as the EVO, though the Samsung natively supports multiple Exchange accounts – that is very handy as you would not need another application, like Touchdown Exchange to manage multiple accounts like this.

The screen – truly the brightest screen on a phone I have ever seen and used. I actually thought it was too bright in its highest setting and frequently noticed the ‘auto’ brightness setting at less than 1/2 most of the time.

Battery life – two days without a charger hookup. I’m a very busy PDA phone user, so getting more than 6-8 hours without a power hookup is rare. I attribute this to the low power AMOLED screen, of course, and it works.

Interface, screen keyboard etc – I have to say that some of the applications did not work as well, or the menu’s were limited compared to the EVO. Also, to note, the EPIC was not on Froyo – Android 2.2 – is not available for it yet. Still, the applications on the EVO worked better in their non-Froyo version as well. The on-screen keyboard felt better with the Epic, though I am faster on the EVO. The slide out keyboard, to me, is a waste. Added weight for no real benefit for me, an this is coming from a Blackberry user of 9 years. It’s a great keyboard, for sure, just not fast enough for ‘real’ business use. The screen keyboard outshines it. thankfully, you can use the screen keyboard anyway.

So overall – the EVO just rocks it all, from my perspective, which is a pretty picky one at that! The EPIC is great for those who HAVE to have a physical keyboard, but want the BEST in Android otherwise.

Hope this review helps…now on to the Windows Phones and CES next week!

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