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My network is slow, what do I do to fix it?

My network is slow, what do I do to fix it?

Do you ask yourself these questions?
Why is my network slow?  Why are my applications so sluggish?

Does this statement describe your daily stress feed?
I can’t get ahead and I must increase productivity but my network is slow.  Technology just doesn’t seem ready for what I need!  HELP!!!

When it comes to troubleshooting application and network performance, there are two steps you can take to make diagnosis easier, faster and more accurate.  First, understand the common causes of application performance problems; and, second, use the right tool to diagnose them.  This Series will discuss some of these causes and will explain why having the right tools and methodologies in place can enable network professionals to quickly identify and resolve a problem, to then allow you to focus on your primary business objectives.

Getting to the root cause of poor performance
We all know users frequently complain about a slow network, but it’s often an application that’s sluggish, not the network itself. Sometimes troubleshooting the cause of poor application performance can be very difficult and time consuming, resulting in a costly analysis and resolution.  The cause can be anything from bad software code to over¬worked and underpowered servers to bandwidth that’s not up to par or even a network card or communications switch that’s not quite working the way it used to.  The cost of the troubleshooting is further impacted by employees that are unable to work efficiently, business processes that are seemingly slow and not effective; resulting in the worst possible scenario: users that are annoyed and customers that are negatively impacted as the quality of service your company is offering is affected as well.

Poor application performance impacts user satisfaction and business productivity and customer satisfaction. Your IT professionals and network support teams must act upon and resolve these issues quickly and efficiently, with solutions not band-aids, so the problems do not come back again. Quick resolutions will help to mitigate the damaging impact on the business.
Resolution requires understanding the players in the problem.  There are four common causes of application performance degradation and I’ll discuss them in detail in my next post on this topic in the coming week.

Stay tuned!

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