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CES 2011 – Laptops in review

CES 2011 – Laptops in review

It’s a wonder how a laptop, or even the segment, can be graded at CES with all of the tablet and slate craziness at CES this year.  There are a few though, that stood out as the best of the best for the enthusiast who MUST HAVE the fastest and best with them at all times.

Now keep in mind, just because it’s the fastest, doesn’t mean the laptop is the most portable, and of course, the most portable are the not fastest, most feature rich units either. With that said, here are a few that fill the range of need very, very, well.

If you are the one who has to have the Best Notebook, the fastest and the most capable laptop you can find on the planet, then turn no further than Dell’s Alienware M17x.  Some asked Dell; how can you improve on the world’s fastest notebook?  Well, Dell’s answer was this: Update the best with the latest Sandy Bridge CPU’s and add the gamers best Nvidia GTX 460 graphics engine.  Ok, so it’s fast and has the nest graphics – Alienware always what’s NEW?  Oh – I forgot to mention, they also added wireless streaming of games from the notebook to an HDTV – WITHOUT ANY LAG!

Yea, only stuff an alien could muster up, right?  A built in wireless HD card option!  This is the first notebook on the planet that has this capability.

Are Alien’s too much for ya?  A little heavy, per se?  Then maybe theBest Ultraportable, will suite you.  Look for theSamsung 9 Series.  This sturdy and ultra-bright screened featherweight is something you’ll want to be seen carrying.  At 2.9lbs and starting at $1,600, you get a screen that is 40% brighter than the rest, second generation CoreI5 processing power, 128GB SSD drive that will boot Windows 7 in 20 seconds! With 6.5 hours of standard battery life and a backlit keyboard, the 13 inch MacBook Air gets scared!

If you want to be just in between the two choices above, then opt for the Dell XPS 17, Toshiba’s Satellite E305 or even the Sony VAIO F series. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.      

For business users – my personal opinion would be the Dell Latitude and the Precision units.

Now – on to the tablets and slates!

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