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Blueprint for the Future – AccountingToday Article

Blueprint for the Future – AccountingToday Article

Blueprint for the future
ingerLewak is integrating IT and traditional services


By Seth Fineberg – Accounting Today

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Copied excerpt below:

The ERMS practice under which SingerLewak Systems resides is not all about cloud consulting, although, as Green indicated, it’s an area that is receiving a lot of firmwide and client attention.

Among other things, ERMS also focuses on network and security infrastructure design, architecture, management and implementation, virtualization, and Internet security. ERP and business management software selection is another key target area of growth for the practice.

“As the economy is starting to turn, people are saying, ‘I’m tired of my ERP system and it’s time to move on,’ so they are looking for help. In some cases, they’ve removed their CIO and have us help conduct an independent [product] selection,” said Green. “We’re also seeing an increased interest in virtualization. People housing servers out of warranty and figuring out they don’t know what to do if they don’t go right to the cloud. Virtual servers help save money. It’s nice project work and [we] can continue with managed services.”

ERMS will also offer disaster preparedness, business continuity planning, and other high-level risk-management-oriented strategic advisory services, areas in which Rick Mark, senior manager of ERMS, specializes. “All structures are around protecting IP and planning for disaster recovery – that’s the theme of everything we will put in place,” he revealed. “When we have disparate or older systems and companies trying to get up to date without a huge investment, we have the ability to create a hybrid cloud environment, either on-premise or outside where we can secure it. Not only is our client information secure, but their customer information is secure.”

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