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“We’re writing a Cloud version – it’s coming soon!”

“We’re writing a Cloud version – it’s coming soon!”

written by Bob Green, CPA.CITP – Partner, SingerLewak LLP – SingerLewak Systems

I’m so tired of hearing this. But, at least it’s a sign that Cloud Computing and Software as a Service is influencing how software publishers are spending their R/D budgets, these days.  It’s also good
for programmers skilled in web application development.  Seems like every time we investigate a software product as part of a solution for a client’s integration strategy, upgrade opportunity, or migration needs, we run into a published application that isn’t quite “Cloud” ready – nor will it be anytime soon – but the sales team always has the same comment: “we’re writing a Cloud version – it’s coming soon”.

Well, thank goodness new software publishers have sprung up with solid, multi-tenant Cloud offerings that rock, and are getting the attention of savvy buyers. And, thanks to platforms like and Google’s application engine, pure Cloud offerings are springing up everyday to meet functionality demands of all kinds of businesses.  We’re seeing nice opportunities for creative publishers to jump ahead, now, of traditional application publishers, by leveraging a pure, new, multi-tenant Cloud offering to satisfy needs of the technologically forward-thinking buyers.

Result: customers win, finally!


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