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I+ Business Technology Management Services

I+ Business Technology Management Services


SingerLewak’s Business Technology Management Services (“BTMS”) are geared toward working with growing businesses to help them achieve the benefits of combining forward-thinking IT with forward-looking business objectives.

For many years, our experienced professionals have guided and managed IT initiatives necessary to support business plans and business objectives.  Our client approach for you is both visionary and tactical.  Our clients include us as their “IT seat at the executive table”, as well as having us support their systems on a timely and recurring basis, centered on trust and quality level.

Whether it is the design and deployment of a new network, or support on the selection of a new business software product, our broadly-skilled team is at the ready to help our clients achieve success from their IT investments.  At the end of the day – IT should support the business.

Information Systems:  Security…Risk…Employees…Reporting…Costs…Data

“I’m a fiduciary – where do I start?”

Well, for one, let’s agree that INFORMATION is among your top assets. You have the power to enable IT (the systems and processes that
impact and transact your information) to be the valued and integral part of your business that it should be. Reduce your risks, and increase your productivity. We can help.

But first, ask yourself the questions below.  Let’s talk about them… when you’re ready.

  1. Who, specifically, is responsible for the safeguarding of your Company’s information assets?
  2. Is your Company secure from internet-borne threats to its information?
    Can you describe, without asking your IT staff, how your data is protected from outsiders?
  3. Can management get the information it needs to run the business in a TIMELY and ACCURATE manner
  4. Is your Company’s sensitive, confidential or trade secret information protected from theft or misuse by current or former employees?
    Are you confident that YOUR information isn’t in the hands of your COMPETITOR?
  5. Has your management team readied the business for preparing email and financial systems for a natural or unplanned disaster?
    Disaster planning is multi-departmental, and requires rehearsal and commitment. How vulnerable is your business?
  6. Is your IT staff being managed appropriately and by persons who know enough to manage them?
    Is your IT staff forward thinking – or at least current?
  7. Does IT have a plan that supports the Strategic Business Plan? Is IT a driver of competitive advantages?
  8. How much of your annual revenues should you be spending on IT?
    Are you managing IT in a proactive way? Or, are you employing too many IT staff, and spending
    too much on fixing things again, and again? How should my IT investment be spent?
  9. What would happen if your servers crashed? How long would it take to restore operations?
  10. Can your network grow with your business? How much should it cost? Is there a plan?

If you have any real problem answering or even approaching the above questions, please send me a note…I can help!

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