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iOS 6 Release Date: Upgrade in Just Two Days – Here is What You Need to Know

iOS 6 Release Date: Upgrade in Just Two Days  –  Here is What You Need to Know

The iPhone 5 is already setting enormous records. Apple announced today that its preorders for the iPhone 5 topped 2 million in just the first 24 hours. we know the new iPhone is incredible, but folks are just as excited for the release of iOS 6. iOS 6 is Apple’s next mobile operating system and the new features are incredible and worth the download. Even though iOS 6 was announced last week, the iOS 6 release date is not until September 19th. You will be able to download iOS 6 on September 19th, just two days before you get your hands on the new iPhone 5.

Before we dive into the major upgrades of iOS 6, we’ll hint at the major news that  Apple is dropping the preloaded YouTube and Maps app from the iOS 6 release a midst a continued battle with Google. This is a huge move as most folks are so dependent on Google Maps, it ill be a big test for Apple to see if they have built a location app that is equal to Google’s. We have also included leaked photos of the iPhone 5 as well. Enjoy.

iOS 6 Release Date:

iOS 6 was announced last week and the iOS 6 release date is now September 19th. You will be able to download iOS 6 on Wednesday September 19th. Apple announced iOS 6 at Apple’s Word Wide Developers conference, however, it has only been available for developers since then.  iOS 6 will be supported on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, new iPad and fourth gen iPod touch.

No YouTube or Google Maps

As the battle between Apple and Google heats up, Apple has dropped the preloaded YouTube and Google Maps applications.

Major upgrade for Siri:

You can now get sports game updates, make restaurant reservations, watch movie trailers, launch apps and tweet by voice. Siri is now also available for the iPad.

Facebook Integration:

Facebook will integrate with iOS 6 in a similar way Twitter currently integrates with iOS 5.

New Phone App Features:

You can now set reminders to call people back, send messages instead of calling, apply a DO NOT DISTURB feature that does not alert you with notifications.

iCloud Tabs:

 iCloud Tabs will integrate Safari across all  iCloud-connected devices, allowing users to go from device to device with the same internet browsing tabs remaining open on each.

Mail VIPs

iOS 6 Mail VIPs will enable to users to mark certain contacts as important, and in turn, all their messages will be starred.

FaceTime over 3G:

Once reserved for wifi only, you can now FaceTime over your cellular network.

Photo Stream:

Allows you to easily share photos with your friends.


Apple will say goodbye to Google Maps and reveal a new Maps made completely in-house. 3-D maps are another possibility, with geographical features interlaid on traditional maps.

Guided Access:

Guided Access allows you to lock an app when it’s in use so that other controls won’t be accessible.


Get all your passes in one place, including boarding passes, tickets, and coupons.

The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 release will go down in history as the companies most anticipated product releases in history.


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