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A Windows 8 Recycle? Will going back restore confidence?

A Windows 8 Recycle?  Will going back restore confidence?

Windows 8 hasn’t given PC sales the boost that all were anticipating.  Microsoft looks to now be getting ready to go back on some of the core changes it introduced on this new version.

It seems that Microsoft is planning a big Windows 8 undo, and that the release of Windows 8.1, also known as Windows Blue — will allow users to bypass the much-hated Start Screen and also bring back the much-loved Start button.

While this is likely to please those who found these changes problematic and burdensome, what does this do to the rest of industry hot on bus to tablet and hands-on Windows computing?

We know Microsoft considered Windows 8 to be edgy and a gamble.  Clearly Microsoft had doubts about how the operating system would be received by the PC driving masses, but if this was true, then Microsoft must have another plan or trick up its sleeve.

Windows 8.1 may just be the next card in the deck… just how will they handle the impact and with what smoke and mirrors?

What do manufacturers think?

Many manufacturer’s have expressed the negative way they think Microsoft has handled the the new operating system. Some think Microsoft is destroying the PC industry and driving million of customers to Apple.  Both Lenovo and Samsung have released Start button replacements for Windows 8.

Where will this leave Windows 8 apps?

One of the primary reasons why Microsoft wanted to bypass the desktop and throw Windows 8 users into the Start Screen is to give apps a higher level of visibility. If Microsoft is planning to give users the ability to bypass the Start Screen its app market could crash.

Will developers be interested in developing apps for Windows 8 if the focus of attention is shifted from the Start Screen to the desktop?  Probably not!

There is a palpable lack of trust surrounding Windows 8. While some consumers have embraced the changes the operating system has brought with it, others remain wary. It’s a similar situation to that which clouded Windows Vista.

Can Windows 8.1 regain the trust that Windows 8 has eroded away? If it can then it could give the PCindustry a reprieve. If not, it will be another — possibly final — nail in the coffin of the PC.

Can Microsoft restore user trust in the Windows brand?



Adapted form an article by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for this blog

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