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About Rick Mark

Below is a little bit about Rick Mark and the services he provides.

With an emphasis in Information Management services and information security for more than 20 years, Rick has specialized in almost all facets of both growing and established companies IT operations and infrastructures.  Rick has architected, integrated, and implemented large corporate and wide-area network and security infrastructure solutions, for mid-market enterprises, for almost all of his professional experience.  Rick currently oversees technology from virtualization cloud services to IT Staff management, and general trusted IT advisory services.

Services that Rick performs and oversees are:
•  Enterprise computer network design and augmentation including Virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure implementations.

•  Technology and office build-out management

•  Server room architecture planning and design

•  Network access and security of local and wide area networks with Cisco, Juniper Networks and SonicWall security and
communications appliances.

•  Secured remote access solutions including RSA, and VPN architectures in SSL, 3DES, AES and encryption formats for data
transport and secured storage.

•  Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Resumption Planning

•  IT controls with emphasis on those that manage employee and insider systems behavior management – information protection focused

•  Data security and access compliance design, assessment and audit and remediation support for SOX, GLB, PCI-DSS, HIPPA and data forensic-based models of recovery and protection.

•  Design and augmentation and review of acceptable use policies and their enforcement via technology implementation.

Rick also provides IT-oriented presentations, and has done so to the California Society of CPAs, as well as other professional organizations, and has co-authored several articles for California CPA Magazine, The CPA Technology Advisor, among others.