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CES 2011 – The Upshot!

CES 2011 – The Upshot!

Well we’re rolling out the views and reviews, must haves and not’s, the can’t wait for it’s, and the no doubt best in class results from our CES 2011 adventure. Here is the list of categories/technologies and qualifiers you can expect to read about:

  • Best Laptop
  • Best Notebook
  • Best Ultraportable
  • Best HDTV
  • Best CrapGadget
  • Best Transportation at the Show
  • Best Computer Peripheral
  • Best Smartphone for Business
  • Best Smartphone for Road Warriors
  • Best Smartphone for the Not so Technical
  • Best Smartphone Applications
  • Best Tablet PC
  • Best Tablet Hybrid
  • Best Home Network and Media Storage
  • Best Home Theater Furniture
  • Best Home Receiver
  • Best Wireless Remote
  • Best Gaming Hardware
  • Best Projector
  • Best 3D Experience
  • Best Camera
  • Best Camcorder
  • Best Camera/Camcorder combo
  • Best Accessory
  • Best Wireless Networking for the Home or Small Business
  • Best Car Tech
  • Best Enabling Technology
  • Best Personal Gaming
  • Best Blu-ray Player
  • Best Processor

and more if you can believe it!

Tune in and join so you don’t miss a review!  The roll out begins next week!

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